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Hourly Classical 1h 56m 48
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Hourly Crazyhouse 56m 0
Hourly Bullet 26m 1
Hourly Blitz 56m 0
Memorial Day Tournament 2h 17
Menchik 2+2 Anti Rated 2h 17
Fahrni 1+0 Anti Rated 2h 14
Wagner 3+0 Atom Rated 40m 10
de Firmian 6+2 Rated 40m 4
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  1. En que fecha nació LICHESS.ORG… JAIROSANCHEZ Oh, interesting data, thank you very much !!!
  2. En que fecha nació LICHESS.ORG… noob2chess http://en.lichess.org/@/Thibault He created lichess and he was the …
  3. En que fecha nació LICHESS.ORG… JAIROSANCHEZ Are you talking seriously? how do you know?
  4. Yoo😈😈😈 SatanRogue99 who likes to put something, let's join Atomic Monsterz! Here's how: go…
  5. GIF wallpaper Lexia Cool, but there's no way I'm playing chess like that :D
  6. GIF wallpaper IM MasterZaitsev I do not know if you tried this, but, it is amazing if put a GIF image…
  7. Anonymous ragers Team? Zugzwang69 I gave up playing rated games years ago as my rage over ratings and po…
  8. Study Tool achja @hugotreino #1 You mean the new Lichess study tool ? I've added 2 …
  9. Anonymous ragers Team? Tangelo777 @randombean I will explain rating inflation to you. Look at your "ra…
  10. Anonymous ragers Team? RandomBean I only know chess so I really dont know what are you meaning with rati…
  11. Surprising : gambit IM MasterZaitsev What's the plan of black?
  12. Surprising : gambit noob2chess Looks garbage but should be alright. Like Tangelo said its similar to …
  13. Anonymous ragers Team? Tangelo777 @randombean One day you will win all the rating points back. Since the…
  14. Surprising : gambit Tangelo777 In my opinion it's a good opening. I think it's somewhat similar to Da…
  15. Highlighting squares on the bo… Oslim540 wait how do you change colors? all i get is the default green.
  16. Surprising : gambit achja I just played, as black, an optimistic and impulsive gambit game, with…
  17. Anonymous ragers Team? RandomBean Lol. I live with my parents and used to say "f@ck me, f@ck me" I think…
  18. Anonymous ragers Team? dose7781 I punch my desk, break dishes and get drunk. 12 step program, here I c…
  19. Anonymous ragers Team? xaris1994 hahahahi know that feeling
  20. Anonymous ragers Team? RandomBean I think we should create an anonymous ragers team. Like the usual anon…
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